Privacy Policy

OfficeBox ​will, ​at ​all ​times, ​keep ​your ​Personal ​Information ​confidential ​and ​will ​only ​process information ​that ​is ​required ​to ​enable ​us ​to ​perform ​our ​obligations ​and ​provide ​you ​with ​the ​best possible ​service! ​We ​take ​our ​customers ​privacy ​very ​seriously ​and ​will ​take ​all ​reasonable ​and required ​steps ​to ​protect ​your ​Personal ​Information. ​We ​will ​only ​collect ​and ​use ​your ​personal information ​as ​outlined ​below.

1. ​Processing ​of ​Personal ​Information

OfficeBox ​undertakes ​not ​to ​sell, ​share ​or ​trade ​any ​personal ​information ​collected ​online. ​Personal information ​collected ​online ​will ​only ​be ​disclosed ​within ​our ​corporate ​group ​and ​service ​providers where ​required ​to ​perform ​a ​service ​to ​customers ​or ​improve ​your ​online ​experience.

If ​you ​sign ​up ​for ​any ​OfficeBox ​newsletters ​or ​marketing ​mailers, ​you ​expressly ​consent ​to OfficeBox ​sending ​you ​marketing ​communications ​(which ​under ​normal ​circumstances ​will ​be ​one mailer ​per ​day, ​but ​may ​be ​more ​during ​special ​campaign ​and/or ​competition ​periods). ​You ​may unsubscribe ​to ​these ​marketing ​communications ​at ​any ​time ​by ​clicking ​on ​the ​link ​within ​the electronic ​marketing ​material ​or ​by ​emailing ​

After ​placing ​an ​order ​OfficeBox ​will ​send ​you ​transactional ​emails ​for ​the ​purpose ​of ​tracking ​your order ​and ​keeping ​you ​informed. ​When ​placing ​an ​order ​you ​consent ​to ​OfficeBox ​contacting ​you for ​purposes ​relating ​to ​the ​order ​and ​performance ​of ​the ​purchase ​agreement. ​Transactional emails ​are ​not ​considered ​marketing ​communications ​and/or ​direct ​marketing.

Any ​complaints ​regarding ​the ​processing ​of ​Personal ​/ ​Business Information ​may ​be ​sent ​to

2. ​Collection ​of ​Personal/Business ​Information

2.1 ​When ​you ​create ​an ​account ​the ​personal ​and/or ​Company ​information ​we ​collect ​may ​include your:

Name ​and ​Surname Delivery ​Address Email ​Address Telephone ​Number Mobile ​Number Company ​Name

2.2 ​The ​Personal/Business ​Information ​we ​collect ​from ​you ​will ​be ​used ​in ​some ​or ​all ​of ​the following ​ways:

To ​identify ​you To ​deliver ​the ​products ​you ​have ​purchased ​from ​OfficeBox To ​update ​you ​on ​the ​delivery ​of ​the ​product ​and ​for ​customer ​support ​purposes To ​provide ​you ​with ​relevant ​product ​information

2.3 ​When ​you ​register ​as ​a ​user/customer ​on ​the ​OfficeBox ​website, ​we ​will ​also ​use ​your Personal/Business ​Information ​to ​send ​you ​marketing ​and/or ​promotional ​materials ​from ​time ​to time. ​You ​can ​unsubscribe ​from ​marketing ​information ​at ​any ​time ​by ​using ​the ​unsubscribe function ​within ​the ​electronic ​marketing ​material, ​by ​contacting ​customer ​service ​or ​by ​contacting

2.4 ​OfficeBox ​may ​also ​collect ​non-personal ​browsing ​habits ​and ​click ​patterns

3. ​Updating ​Your ​Personal/Business ​Information

You ​can ​update ​your ​Personal/Business ​Information ​anytime ​by ​accessing ​your ​account ​on ​the OfficeBox ​website.

4. ​Security ​of ​Your ​Personal/Business Information

OfficeBox ​ensures ​that ​all ​information ​collected ​will ​be ​safely ​and ​securely ​stored. ​We ​protect ​your Personal ​Information ​by:

Restricting ​access ​to ​personal/business ​information. Maintaining ​technology ​products ​to ​prevent ​unauthorised ​computer ​access. Securely ​destroying ​your ​personal/business ​information ​when ​it's ​no ​longer ​needed ​for ​our ​record retention ​purposes.

5. ​Disclosure ​of ​Personal/Business ​Information

5.1 ​We ​will ​not ​share ​your ​information ​with ​any ​other ​organisations ​other ​than ​related ​companies and ​those ​third ​parties ​directly ​related ​to ​the ​delivery ​of ​the ​products ​you ​have ​purchased ​from ​the OfficeBox ​website.

5.2 ​In ​exceptional ​circumstances ​OfficeBox ​may ​be ​required ​to ​disclose ​Personal/Business Information, ​such ​as ​when ​there ​are ​grounds ​to ​believe ​that ​the ​disclosure ​is ​necessary ​to ​prevent ​a threat ​to ​life ​or ​health, ​or ​for ​law ​enforcement ​purposes.

5.3 ​If ​you ​believe ​that ​your ​privacy ​has ​been ​breached ​by ​OfficeBox ​please ​contact ​and ​we ​will ​resolve ​the ​issue.

6. ​Collection ​of ​Computer ​Data

6.1 ​Take ​note ​that ​our ​website ​makes ​use ​of ​“cookies” ​to ​automatically ​collect ​non-personal browsing ​habits ​and ​click ​patterns ​and ​to ​provide ​you ​with ​certain ​features ​on ​the ​website.

6.2 ​If ​you ​do ​not ​wish ​for ​your ​information ​to ​be ​collected ​through ​the ​use ​of ​cookies, ​there ​is ​a simple ​procedure ​in ​most ​browsers ​which ​allows ​you ​to ​disable ​the ​cookie ​feature. ​If ​you ​do ​not disable ​the ​“cookie” ​feature, ​you ​consent ​to ​our ​use ​of ​the ​information ​collected ​by ​using ​that cookie.

6.3 ​This ​information ​is ​collected ​for ​analysis ​and ​evaluation ​in ​order ​to ​help ​us ​improve ​our ​site ​and the ​services ​and ​products ​we ​provide. ​This ​data ​will ​not ​be ​used ​in ​association ​with ​any ​other Personal/Business ​Information.

6.4 ​When ​you ​visit ​OfficeBox, ​our ​company ​servers ​will ​automatically ​record ​information ​that ​your browser ​sends ​whenever ​you ​visit ​a ​website, ​unless ​you ​disabled ​the ​“cookie” ​feature. ​This ​data ​may include:

Your ​computer's ​IP ​address Browser ​type Webpage ​you ​were ​visiting ​before ​you ​came ​to ​our ​site The ​pages ​with ​OfficeBox ​you ​visit The ​time ​spent ​on ​those ​pages, ​items ​and ​information ​searched ​for ​on ​our ​site, ​access ​times ​and dates, ​and ​other ​statistics.

7. ​Changes ​to ​the ​Privacy ​Policy

OfficeBox ​reserves ​the ​right ​to ​modify ​and ​change ​the ​Privacy ​Policy ​at ​any ​time. ​Any ​changes ​to ​this policy ​will ​be ​published ​on ​our ​site.

8. ​Complaints ​about ​breaches ​of ​privacy

If ​you ​are ​not ​satisfied ​with ​the ​way ​in ​which ​we ​handle ​your ​Personal/Business ​Information, ​please don't ​hesitate ​to ​contact ​us ​at ​

9. ​Information ​regarding ​Secure ​Payments

All ​financial ​data ​and ​payment ​processing ​is ​handled ​by ​PayFast, ​a ​South ​African ​online ​payment gateway. ​PayFast ​are ​a ​PCI ​DSS ​Level ​1 ​Service ​Provider ​compliant. ​More ​information ​can ​be ​seen here.

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